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Impulse Suppression Devices

Since 1996, ALLCOM has offered a broad variety of impulse suppression devices for the telco and network paired-wire environment.

Our devices designed and engineered to meet all of the industry standards and depending upon the model, offer a variety of user configurable options.

We offer the finest service in the industry and we are proud that the minimum order quantity since our inception is and will always be 1.

Each and every device is subject to several layers of quality control and all are individually tested before shipping.

As an added bonus to our customers, individual poly bagging and labeling is included and the labels can be customized with customer logos, part numbers, bar coding and descriptions at no extra charge.

We are happy to take your call at 888/255-2755 or local at 847/468-8830 or welcome your email to sales@allcompc.com

Cofiguration & Ordering Information

This device is a fully user configurable impulse suppressor for paired wire applications.

1) The part number SCP6W must be ordered for all configurations as this provides the enclosure for the individual circuit boards.

2) Various circuit boards with differing turn-on voltages for various applications can be ordered as noted. Up to 6 individual pairs can be fitted to each enclosure.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to call for details and ordering instructions.