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Easily accessible external grounding stud or internal grounding points; also optional isolated ground board for maximum installation flexibility.

All metal enclosures for shielding and fire resistance; outdoor model is provided with gasket and “O” rings for weather tight seal.

Component boards provide, in wire pairs, any combination of data and dc power surge protection or isolated grounding.

User may select from 1 to 6 individual component boards in any combination. Boards are sold seperately.

Multi-stage design features large data bandwidths and low resistance on current loops.

Screw down terminations for quick, positive and easily verifiable connections.

Standard turn-on voltages from 2.8Vdc to 350Vdc.
AC/DC Power or Control Module
Part #
AC/DC Power/Control  SCM-005FT
AC/DC Power/Control SCM-014FT
AC/DC Power/Control SCM-018FT
Power Over Ethernet  SCM-068FT
DC Power/Control; POE SCM-090FT
DC Power/Control  SCM-200FT
Signal Control SCM-200FT
Analog & Digital Data/Telco
Application  Part #
Digital Control SCM-002.8T
T1  SCM-005T
RS-232/562  SCM-014T
RS-422/423/485 SCM-018T
Current Loop  SCM-026T
Extension Line  SCM-068T
Sensor  SCM-090T
Telco Trunk Line SCM-200T
Telco Trunk Line SCM-350T
Ethernet, POE  SCM-018R
(RJ-45 Jacks 2.50”x1.68”x0.50")
Isolated Ground Module
Part #
Isolated Ground

Cofiguration & Ordering Information

This device is a fully user configurable impulse suppressor for paired wire applications.

1) The part number SCP6W must be ordered for all configurations as this provides the enclosure for the individual circuit boards.

2) Various circuit boards with differing turn-on voltages for various applications can be ordered as noted. Up to 6 individual pairs can be fitted to each enclosure.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to call for details and ordering instructions.