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Coaxial Lightning Suppression Devices

Since 1996, ALLCOM has offer a broad array of coaxial lightning suppression devices in both filter and gas tube configurations, in both dc blocked and dc pass center conductor variations. These devices have been sold around the world for both civillian and military applications.

Our newly redesigned AF, AG and AGD Series feature sealed, milled aluminum cases that can be custom configured with a wide variety of industry standard connectors in both regular and reverse polarity.

This offers better overall performance and avoids the aggrivation of having to adapt competitor's devices offering a take it or leave it N connector option.

We believe we offer the finest service in the industry and we are proud to say that the minimum order quantity will always be 1, even for customized connector configurations.

Each and every device is subject to several layers of quality control and all are individually tested before shipping. We also have the expertise and electronics to test for return loss, VSWR, insertion loss and PIM.

As an added bonus to our customer, individual poly bagging and labeling is included, and upon request the labels can be customized with a customer's logo, part number, bar coding and description at no extra charge.

We are happy to take your call at 888/255-2755 or local at 847/468-8830 or welcome your email to sales@allcompc.com
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