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General Specifications
Frequency Range 450-470 MHz
Number of Channels 8
TX/RX Spacing 20 MHz Max (within freq range)
Mode of Operation Simplex or Half Duplex
Channel Increment 5-6.25KHz (synthesizer step soze)
Emissions Bandwidth 11 KHz narrow mode; 16KHz wide mode
Frequency Stability 1.5 ppm (-30°C / +65°C)
Supply Voltage 11.5-15 Vdc (10 Watt version)
Operating Temp -30°C / +65°C
NOTE: Data sheet above has a comprehensive listing of all this radios's specs.

RRD-1150 Fits Wabtec 23660 NextGen

Drop in plug-and-play replacement for Wabtec 23660 NextGen EOT
• Direct replacement, plug and play units.

• Software programmable: 12.5kHz narrow or 25kHz wide band.

• Both low & high power are selectable; factory delivered at 2 and 5 Watts    respectively.

• 450-470 MHz frequency range.

• Frequency stability standard @ 1.5 ppm for fixed applications.

• Ultra fast TX/RX attack times.

• Controlled Envelopesm TX keying.

• Meets FCC and IC Canada standards.

• Electronic configuration settings are selectable.

• Selectable high/low output power.

• SMD component design.

• Designed and manufactured in the USA.