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RRD-1220 rrd-1220 image
RRD-1001 rrd-1001 image
RRD-1002 rrd-1002 image
RRD-1005 rrd-1005 image RRD-1005M rrd-1005m image RRD-1105 rrd-1005 image
RRD-1101 rrd-1101 image
RRD-1102 rrd-1102 image
RRD-1145 rrd-1145 image
Programming interface; RRD-1000(M), 1015(M), 1020(M), 1025, 1100 and 1140 Series radios, Quantum ETD and HTD radios, plus JSLM and RNET 15 pin radios. Individual programming harnesses and software sold separately.

Replacement harness; processor board to RRD-1000 radio for Wabtec Trainlink II HTD.

Replacement RF cable; RRD-1000(M) radios. SO-239 + BNC/m; Length: 5 inches.

ISA adapter harness with programming plug; RRD-1000 Series radios. Length: 12 inches.

RRD-1006 (No Photo)
Programming software for RRD-1000(M), 1015(M),1020(M) and 1025 Series radios.

RRD-1008 (No Photo)
Maintenance & Operating Manual; RRD-1000(M), 1015(M), 1020(M), and 1025 Series radios. (Ritron DTX-Plus Series).

RRD-1021 (No Photo)
Mount Kit for RRD-1020 and RRD-1025 radios.

RRD-1023 (No Photo)
Mount Kit for RRD-1015(M) radios.

RRD-1029 (No Photo)
Mount Kit for RRD-1025 radios.

EOT to RRD-1100 Radio Replacement Harness Wabtec EN, ES, 07, 09 TrainLink II EOT

Replacement RF Cable for RRD-1100 EOT Radio MIni-UHF/f-bh + MCX/m-ra; Length: 7 inches

ISA adapter harness with programming plug; RRD-1100 Series radios. Length: 12 inches.