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High-performance, cost-effective, direct replacement ‘plug & play’ units for Wabtec and US&S devices. Half or full-channel spacing; for systems engineered to comply with the FCC’s narrow band 12.5 kHz refarming regulations.
RRD Series radios --as delivered-- provide seamless and simultaneous two-way communication with both the new generation half-channel spaced radios and older full channel spaced radios without the need for any onboard jumper or programming by the installation technician. Additionally, ease of installation permits the simple, ongoing, scheduled and budget friendly transition from old, outdated wideband radios to new narrow band mandated12.5 kHz radios over time while continuing to maintain interoperabilty with the older radios still in the system. All RRD models feature low current drain, direct modulation with low distortion and low group delay resulting in a low bit-error-rate (BER) for enhanced system integrity and reliability. All radios utilize Swift Lock Synthesizer™ loading algorithms for fast transmitter and receiver attack times and Controlled Envelope Keying™ to reduce adjacent channel “keyclicks”, resulting in spectrum friendly operation.
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Fits Wabtec: LCU05 LCU07 LCU08 LCU08
Fits US&S HTD/ETD: 6695 6696 6699
Fits US&S HTD/ETD 6696 & Repeater 6680
Fits US&S HTD: 6656
Fits Wabtec: EN ES 07 09
Fits Wabtec: 2360 NextGen EOT
RRD-1000 & RRD-1000M
RRD-1015 & RRD-1015M
RRD-1020 & RRD-1020M