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RR Product Lines

  • RR Telecom
    Chargers, ETD, HTD, Radio, RF Assy, Antenna, Mic, Headset, Speaker, Power Cable,Test Fixture, Parts
  • RR PTC
    Positive Train Control (PTC) Parts & Assemblies

Test & Calibration Products for End of Train (EOT) Devices.
Please call 888/255-2755 or click email for technical assistance on these products.

RR-365 (click to enlarge)
ADC calibration box for Wabtec NextGen ETD (equiv. FN774)

RRD-112 (click to enlarge)
TLK-EOT-NG breakout box.

RRD-113 (click to enlarge)
TLK-EOT-NG breakout test kit.
RRD-114 (click to enlarge)
TLK-EOT-NG3/NG4 breakout box.

Battery port to micro control board cable for Wabtec NG EOT. (equiv. 25606P) Length: 17.5 inches.
Power test cable for Wabtec NG/NG3 EOT. Allows utilization of power source and not a battery.

Communications port test cable for Wabtec NG/NG3 EOT. Length: 48 inches.