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Allcom History and Products

Founded in July of 1995 as a coaxial cable assembly house, Allcom Products has evolved and grown its product line and production capabilities over the years to include:

Coaxial Cable
Allcom produces coaxial assemblies from .071”/1.8mm RG-178 to transmission lines up to 1” in diameter. Each assembly is built to industry standard tolerances and individually inspected and tested for all industry standard parameters such as continuity, fit and finish. Standard packaging is individual poly bag w/ product labeling and includes the ability to track each item from assembly tech to end user. Our label and bagging operation permits us to offer our customers --at no upcharge-- the option of having the product labels reflect their individual part numbers, descriptions, bar coding, phone numbers and logo.

Wiring Harness Assembly
Allcom has the capacity to produce paired and multi-wire harness assemblies from very small gauge hookup wire to heavy-duty power cable. All assemblies are subject to the same rigorous quality-control standards noted above and dependant upon wire gauge, overall length and construction, assemblies are either poly bagged and labeled or zip tied and toe-tagged.

Coaxial Lightning Arrestors and Impulse Suppression Devices

Commencing in 1998, Allcom introduced a line of coaxial lightning suppression products. The coaxial line has been re-engineered and has been expanded over the years and now covers the frequency bands from dc to 6 GHz, with both dc blocked center conductor, dc pass center conductor and a line with user replaceable gas tubes. After the successful launch of the coaxial devices, Allcom expanded its offerings to include ac/dc impulse suppression devices for use in telco, lan and other similar applications. All of the Allcom surge and impulse suppression devices are subject to the same rigorous quality-control standards as its cable assemblies.

Custom Assembly
Over the years at the request of various customers, Allcom has provided the parts and labor for a wide variety of items ranging from a 36 port matrix switching box for a major telco provider to internal wiring harnesses and coaxial cables assembled in conjunction with telemetry radios for a class 1 railroad. Allcom has invested in a complete line of computerized testing equipment for these applications which allows Allcom to provide the customer with whatever level of quality-control and test reporting necessary to satisfy their internal quality and reporting criteria.

Specialty Products for Railroads
A direct offshoot of Allcom’s custom assembly work has been a demand by a customer for Allcom to produce a competitive line of specialty replacement parts and custom assembly of products for use by railroads ranging from Class 1 interstate freight lines to single locomotive short-lines. Allcom is currently aggressively adding custom parts and assembly capacity to this area of expertise which will allow us going forward to offer greater expertise and product offerings in all of our product lines.